Our sincere thanks go out to the individuals who have graciously donated their time, energy and love to turn Vegas In 24 into reality. Every person and organization below has made a profound impact on other womens’ lives due to their efforts!

Dr. Helen Kang  Medical Director

Dr. Benjamin Kleinbrodt  Chiropractic Care & Active Release Technique   

Tomo Muscionico  Event Photography       

FansTang, Aaron Nardi  Cinematography and Video Production     

Aaron Lawler  Event Drone Coverage

Dr. Kristi Funk  Event Day Communications         

Estara Gold  Massage Therapy

Alison Chavez  Event Day Logistics and RV Crew

Donna Rapson  Event Day Logistics and RV Crew

Brian Pado  Event Day Logistics and RV Crew

Deb Svarc  Event Day Logistics and RV Crew

Helen’s Cycles  Bike Service & Maintenance        

Crew Rooms International  Event Crew Lodging Management