WIN a FREE Weekend + Airfare + $200 Visa Gift Card + Show in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

1) Guess Andy’s Final Time to reach Las Vegas and submit your entry using the form below to win a Free weekend in Las Vegas + Airfare.

2) Tweet your Final Time and also receive a $200 Visa Gift card and 2 Free tickets to a fabulous Las Vegas show during your stay. Copy & Send the exact tweet below & fill in your final time: @vegasin24 @andyfunk will finish his 365-mi bike ride from LA to Vegas in 00:00:00. Guess & Win @ #lifesavingmiles

3) All Entires and Tweets (if applicable) must be submitted before 2:00pm PDT on April 23, 2016. Terms and Conditions apply. Good luck, and thank you for supporting Andy on this never-before-attempted epic journey!

Sorry, we are no longer accepting entries at this time!