TV, magazine, newspaper and online media coverage for Andy Funk’s grueling 365-mile bicycle challenge to support low income, uninsured and underinsured women.

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2 days before the big event, athlete and social advocate Andy Funk explains his vision, training, preparation and some of his worries for Vegas In 24 to Sandra Mitchell live on the KCAL 9 News.

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The Doctors give a sneak peak to athlete Andy Funk’s 365 mile nonstop bicycle charity fundraiser from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to support breast cancer treatment for underserved women.

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Lisa Sigell from CBS 2 News reports on Andy Funk’s 365-mile charity bike ride and the mission and cause behind the event to support low income, uninsured and underinsured women with breast cancer.

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Noize TV catches Andy Funk as he finishes his epic 365-mile journey in Las Vegas. Andy has cycled for over 20 hours in extreme conditions but puts on a smile and gives a short interview before receiving an unexpected surprise.

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California Man Will Bike 365 Miles to Las Vegas in Less Than 24 Hours to Raise Money for Breast Cancer Care for Uninsured Women

A Southern California man is gearing up for an epic bike ride in an effort to raise funds for breast cancer care. Andy Funk, founder of the Pink Lotus Foundation, will ride…

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Man From California Plans to Bike 365 Miles to Las Vegas in Less Than 24 Hours to Raise Money for Breast Cancer

This dedicated cyclist from Southern California is gearing up for the ride of his life. Funk plans to ride his bike 365 miles in less than 24 hours from L.A. to Las Vegas hoping…

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Can Funk Bike to Vegas in 24 Hours?

The Rustic Canyon resident will attempt to do something that no one has ever attempted before in order to raise funds for the Pink Lotus Foundation, a nonprofit…

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Spotlight on Andy Funk: Vegas in 24 Charity Ride

This week, we would like to direct your attention towards one such individual; a man whose accomplishments are rivaled only by his altruism, a man who has made…

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Bringing Awareness One Mile At A Time

This month reminds us to increase our knowledge and understanding about the disease that affects 1 in 8 women during their lives. Many people…

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One Man Is Raising Awareness By Going on a 24-Hour Cycling Ride to Vegas

Andy pedaled 365 miles through a freezing night and then a sweltering desert to become the first person to get to Las Vegas in 24 hours by bicycle…

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Vegas in 24 for Breast Cancer

What are you doing to make a difference? Imagine donating to a cause where you could rest assured that 95-99% of the charitable contribution you made went right to those…

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Vegas In 24

We checked in with Andy Funk, who is competing in the Vegas in 24 event on April 23. If you missed our first blog on Funk, read it here first!

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Vegas in 24: A “Funky Fresh” Update!

I am going postpone our Achilles talk until next week, in order to bring you the long-awaited part dieu to my Andy “Funky Fresh” Funk interview…

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