I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the support of AlterG, makers of the Anti Gravity Treadmill. I have a long relationship with this amazing company and I am a huge fan of their technology. AlterG is one of those companies that perfectly aligns with my philosophy: do well by doing good! The technology is not just an amazing rehab tool used by professional athletes, weekend warriors and everyday patients across the world, it is also an amazing training tool. Have you ever run at 50% of your body weight? What about 20% of your body weight? If not, you need to give it a try – it’s incredible!

So when AlterG said they would support Vegas In 24 and asked me to give them all the specifics, I talked their ear off and they loved what I had to say. Below is the first of a 2-part blog series about the event. Thank you AlterG!

Spotlight on Andy Funk: Vegas in 24 Charity Ride