Conceptualized by Andy Funk in the summer of 2015, Vegas In 24 (benefiting the Pink Lotus Foundation) is a grueling charity bicycle challenge that took place on April 23, 2016. The 365-mile event stretches from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and was covered by Andy nonstop on a bicycle in under 24 hours. Yes – 365 miles, as in 17% of the 3-week Tour de France in a single day, combined with 14,500 feet of elevation gain (that’s half way up Mt. Everest on a bike) with no outside support or assistance of any kind. A never before attempted challenge with a distance and time goal so tough, it left no margin for error.

Fundraising continues and all donation proceeds raised from Vegas In 24 benefit low income, uninsured and underinsured women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and support. Learn more this important cause!

The Bottom Line

Long Hours in the saddle
Miles from LA to Las Vegas
Feet of Elevation Gain
of Elevation Gain of Mt. Everest
of the 3-week Tour de France
Hours of Training Required

No Outside Support

No Nutritional Support

Compliant Bikes Only

Exactly How Far is 365 Miles?

We’re glad you asked, because it’s quite far!

San Francisco to Los Angeles

 Chicago to Lexington

 Miami to Jacksonville

 New York City to Pittsburgh

 Washington DC to Charlotte

 Kansas City to Oklahoma City

 Dallas to Amarillo

 Atlanta to Jacksonville

 New Orleans to Memphis

 Salt Lake City to Boise

 Tampa to Savannah

 Denver to Santa Fe

 San Diego to Phoenix

 Pittsburgh to Louisville

Official Event Rules

We realize that the severe difficulty of the event is what makes it so exciting to support. Clear guidelines where set in place prior to the event with regards to what Andy is allowed and not allowed to do. Below is a summary of the final and official Vegas In 24 event rules.

Departure & Arrival

Departure must occur in the City of Los Angeles, California anywhere within 300 yards of the Pacific ocean. Andy may choose any location at his sole discretion. Departure can occur at any time, day or night. Arrival is official upon dismounting the bike after having reached the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign on South Las Vegas Blvd.

Outside Assistance

Andy must be 100% self reliant and is not allowed to accept any outside assistance of any kind except in the case of an accident or medical emergency. Nutrition, hydration, supplies, lights, layered clothing, tools, etc must either be brought along by Andy or purchased by Andy during the event at any locations of Andy’s choosing.

Drafting and Rider Support

This is man against the forces of mother nature event, and that’s how it was intended to be! Drafting is not allowed. While Andy cannot control if other riders may decide to join him for portions of the ride to show support for Vegas In 24, he will not be allowed to draft of any other riders. Camera and photography vehicles (and possibly other vehicles with curious passengers) will be present for the majority of the event. Depending on the circumstances and where these vehicles are positioned, they may provide a temporary draft while taking footage of Andy and those situations will not be deemed drafting.

Timing Regulation

Official timing devices for Vegas In 24 are Garmin 920xt watches. The clock starts ticking as soon as Andy starts cycling in Los Angeles and stops as soon as he dismounts at the Fabulous Las Vegas sign in Las Vegas, Nevada. Andy may take as many breaks as he feels are necessary. All breaks taken will count towards the final time. While there is no official time limit to the event, the goal is for Andy to reach Las Vegas in less than 24 hours.

Route & Interstate Restrictions

Andy may choose any route that connects Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Due to safety and to make the event as long and as challenging as possible, Interstate Freeways (I-10, I-40 and I-15) are strictly prohibited and may only be used for a total of 10 miles or less during the entire event, and only in areas where allowable by the designated transportation authorities (CalTrans, etc). Highways may be used as long as bicycles may legally be used on such highway(s).

Compliant Bicycles

Andy’s bike must comply with the minimum requirements of the International Triathlon Union or the requirements of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Motors and other gimmicks which are not ITU or UCI compliant are prohibited.