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The most unique and epic breast cancer charity fundraiser – ever!

Social advocate and triathlete Andy Funk rides his bike 365 miles (587 km) nonstop, alone, unsupported and unassisted from Los Angeles to Las Vegas – through the grueling desert – to support and raise funds for low income, uninsured and underserved women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and support.

Jump inside this incredible 20-hour long cycling journey and witness the extreme conditions, with fierce winds blowing at 30mph (48 kmh) and gusting at 40mph (64 kmh) for most of the day and temperatures dropping as low as 51° degrees (10° C) and rising as high as 87° (31° C) degrees in the middle of the desert.

With incredible aerial and ground footage, the video captures Andy Funk’s bike ride at every angle from the start at Dockweiler Beach in Los Angeles to the windmill farms of Palm Springs, all the way to the lonely stretches of Route 66 and the finish line celebration in Las Vegas.

There is no shortage of pain, suffering and perseverance along the way. At 365 miles, this bicycle charity event makes up 17% of the entire 21-day Tour de France in a single day while climbing 14,800 feet (4,509 m) uphill – about half of Mount Everest – and overcoming 350 traffic lights, stop signs and rail crossings that did their job in slowing Andy Funk down.

All proceeds from this fundraiser benefit the Pink Lotus Foundation and provide 100% free breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and support to underprivileged women in need. Give back to women in need and help save a life by making a donation.

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