The first week flew by. Since our announcement on August 5, I have received amazing feedback from friends, family, volunteers and possible sponsors for the event. All is off to a very good start and we have raised $5,000 by designating 2 “Landmark Miles”, which is very exciting.

Now that training has started, it’s time to get in the saddle more often. During my peak training weeks next spring, I will probably log 15-20 hours per week, possibly more. This past week though, I spent just 2.5 hours on the bike which certainly isn’t a lot. My legs are still a bit fatigued from the Tour de Big Bear, a race I did just before we announced Vegas In 24 last week.

Big Bear is an amazingly beautiful location for a bike race, and the 5,800 feet of climbing and up to 8,500 feet of altitude just add to the challenge. After breaking away from the main group of riders within minutes after the start, I got to spend the entire remainder of the race behind the lead motorcycle with nobody else in sight. I won and ended up coming in 20 minutes before #2. Here are some pictures of the event. Thank you all for your continued support and words of encouragement!

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  1. Congratulations! It is impressive how much passion you have for cycling and helping people. Keep it up!

  2. It is exciting to witness your commitment and feel your passion, Andy! Congratulations on the victory of Tour de Big Bear. You will succeed and we can not wait to celebrate your triumph in Vegas. Keep up your amazing drive.

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